Reverene to Relevance | Emanuele Madeddu, National Geographic | OnBrand '18

Emanuele Madeddu brings 25 years of experience in brand strategy, marketing, and creative direction to his role as Executive Vice President of Global Brand Strategy. Through his work, he seeks to bring to life National Geographic's vision to inspire the explorer in all people. Manu’s deep insights into consumer trends and consumption patterns define the brand’s meaningful role in the world, to build both a functional and emotional audience connection. He is passionate about developing strategies and creating award-winning multimedia campaigns (from Cannes Lion to the One Show, from Promax to the Art Director's Club, and other major awards around the globe). Manu has ideated more than 200 television spots, digital and social campaigns for global brands, corporations, institutions, and non-profit organizations in media, telecommunication, entertainment, banking, sporting goods, services – but he’s still in awe when he hears a great radio commercial.
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