"Women can’t drive, men can’t cook" (and other lies brands still tell us) | OnBrand '19

October 22, 2019 OnBrand19
Is your baby-father constantly dropping your kid? Does your girlfriend hit three SUV’s as she parallel parks? Is your dad rubbish at cooking for himself? Probably not. Yet brands still resort to stereotypes when looking to connect with consumers. Does this lack of imagination of what an evolved human is today come from laziness, ignorance, or something else? Where does humor end and responsibility begin? 

In this panel discussion on bias in branding - from gender and ageism to (dis)ability and culture - we’ll be asking whether stereotyping of consumers is good for business. The session is moderated by Kerrie Finch (Founding Partner, futurefactor) with Amanda Fève (Chief Strategy Officer, Anomaly), Eileen Bosman (Head of Content, Dept Agency), and Sally Smallman (Global Head of Consumer Planning, Johnnie Walker at Diageo).
arabian knights October 23, 2020 04:12 PM Delete

My bro is totally useless at making a meal and thinks I still live to pick up after him. Nice guy and totally fing useless. the hell with that; I have picked up over 60 years nd so I can't stand another day of useless men.. He has also never cleaned a toilet that he has used in his entire life.

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