Together apart: The future of creative work - Kerrie Finch | futurefactor, Karlijn Marchildon | VanMoof, Hope Kitterman | Five Guys & Steph Morrow | Virtue, VICE

November 02, 2020

Whether it’s creating works of art or innovating on tech, creativity has always relied on collaborating with others. But at a time when the majority of us are working in our remote-based bubbles, how do we ensure creative collaboration doesn’t suffer? And how do we maintain team ‘togetherness’? 

In this panel discussion, Kerrie Finch— Founding Partner of futurefactor —will bring together creative collaborators from VanMoof, Five Guys and VICE to pick their brains about ways to stay creatively connected during these times. How have they adapted to the situation? Have they discovered new ways to work, play and perform together? 

If you need some inspiration on how to keep the creative spark alive in your team, then hustle up and get your team dialed into this one.

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