The myth of originality - Alain Sylvain | Sylvain Labs

November 02, 2020

In a culture obsessed with innovation and independence, the fear of being unoriginal is real. No one wants to be a cliche or, God forbid, “ordinary”. 

But does originality even exist anymore? Isn’t every idea based on something else? And does being creative actually mean being original?

In this talk by OnBrand regular and Founder of Sylvain Labs, Alain Sylvain will explore the myth of originality in the context of brand creativity and argue that our capacity to imitate and build off pre-existing ideas is an entirely natural human instinct. 

While most “new” things are derivative, they can not only be stimulating, but actually move the world of innovation forward. Referencing examples from social psychology, business, pop culture, art, and copycat cultures around the world, Alain will preach to attendees that you don’t have to be original to be creative. In fact, you might just be onto something if you’re not. 

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