Stefan Fountain - Public relations is an avocado | OnBrand '19

October 22, 2019 OnBrand19
If public relations were a fruit it would be an avocado: simultaneously the most overrated AND underrated. And ... also similarly placed in the wrong botanical (marketing) category.

In the 1900's the definition of public relations was coined as 'a program of action to earn the public's understanding and acceptance'. Since then it has been a practice both despised as corporate spin and admired as a clever way to gain market share. In Europe it's often seen as marketing's little sister that should also be invited to the party only if there is room (read budget).

In an age where your audience cares deeply about a brands' purpose, and your customers are now empowered and part of the dialogue, earning their understanding and acceptance is more important than ever. The art and craft of public relations, if applied correctly, becomes a powerful program of action to earn the understanding and acceptance of all your stakeholders'.

In the end only the customer gives a business a license to operate, and forming a healthy relationship with your stakeholders requires an empathetic, genuine, simple, and targeted approach to communication and interactions.

This talk will give examples of how effective public relations can be your brand's sustainable competitive advantage.
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