Listening in a new attention economy - Zach Pentel | Spotify

November 02, 2020

In a time marked by ambiguity, our needs, wants, and values are changing. We're focusing our attention on new things, creating new routines and rituals, and making more room for both personal wellness and collective care.

For a brand like Spotify, these new ways of life reverberate into new listening habits. And with that, an inherent ability to understand our new behaviors in ways other brands can't. Because music, and listening, in general, are a mirror to our lives, to our daily habits, and to our general sense of self. So how is Spotify creating value in this new attention economy? 

In this talk, Zach Pentel, Head of Brand Strategy at Spotify, will discuss the key areas in which our attention is expanding, slowing, or changing in the midst of crisis and uncertainty. He'll detail the ways in which our listening habits reflect these, and the brand's response both in service of the business and to greater cultural impact.

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