Alain Sylvain - The Exploitation Of Purpose | OnBrand '19

October 22, 2019

Companies are “woke-washing.” Has ‘doing good’ become appropriated for the wrong intent? 

The concept of "purpose" has become something of a cliché—a fashion accessory in the world of business. Corporate leaders preach about it, employees desperately crave it and consumers are buying into it more and more. But is it even possible for a company to have a conscience? To have a moral compass or reason for being that is bigger than profit? Has purpose started to be appropriated for the wrong intent? 

And what about us? In our day to day work, are we thinking about “purpose” in the right way?

In this talk, Alain Sylvain, founder & CEO of Sylvain Labs, will answer these questions using contemporary examples, history, pop culture and more. He’ll draw from his journey as a founder, his company’s recent experience in joining the ranks of leading Certified B Corporations, and his work with clients including BlackRock, Waze and the WNBA. Finally, Alain will argue that while the need for business with purpose is at an all-time high, many companies today are still exploiting it to drive their own agendas.
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